Downtown Scavenger Hunt

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The first ever Downtown Instagram Scavenger Hunt created by Spass Walking Tours was a success! The staff of UTSA Small Business Development Center had a great time on the hunt as the end to their staff retreat held at McKenna Event Center. To see some of their photos, check out #spasswalkingtours on Instagram. This is a fun activity to do with a group of friends or as a team building exercise.

Historic Cemetery Tour

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Join Spass Walking Tours for a guided, interactive walking tour through two historic New Braunfels’ cemeteries that includes an exercise in using dowsing rods to find unmarked graves from 1846! Hear the stories of our founders along with their struggles and triumphs in building a new life for themselves and their descendants. The cost is $16/person plus tax. Register on the website or call 830-660-7263.

Happy 170th Birthday, New Braunfels!

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Luise Ervendburg painting

Did you know that Luise Ervendburg made a 65+ mile journey to join her husband Louis, (the protestant minister hired by Prince Carl in Galveston) and the other German settlers to cross the Guadalupe River and arrive here on March 21, 1845? Not only did she make that trip alone driving a wagon loaded with all their belongings; but she also managed to bring 2 milk cows, their one month old son and two year old daughter with her! She did all this in the middle of winter with only the wagon and a tarp to protect them from the sleet in January. Now that is a real woman!! God bless all those brave souls who founded our wonderful city! The painting of Luise and her babies is by Patricia Arnold, 1845, and is a part of the Sophienburg Museum Archives.

Spring in New Braunfels

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This is one of the best times of the year to take a walking tour in downtown New Braunfels! The weather is perfect! Just this past week I had groups join me for a Taste of New Braunfels Tour, a Prost!Saloon Tour, a Historic New Braunfels Tour, and a Murals Tour! One couple spent the morning at the Sophienburg Museum learning about the history of New Braunfels. Since they had already learned the basics, I spent our time together filling in all the “gossip”! It was fun. Call me at 830-660-7263 or email to schedule a tour.

Valentines Day Walk

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The Valentine’s Day Walk was a success! A very sweet guy surprised his love by bringing her to enjoy this tour. The chocolate was delicious and the love stories were fun. I will definitely repeat this next year on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Celebrate Mother’s Day 2014

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The first Celebrate Mother’s Day tour with lunch provided at Gourmage was a success!

Saloon Tour

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This summer we will have a Saloon Tour that will include beer tasting and food. Keep coming back for more details!

Tour Group from the Village at Arboretum

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Group from Village at Arboretum

This group from The Village at Arboretum in Austin had a great tour on June 5. They enjoyed strudel from Naegelin’s Bakery, walked by the downtown murals and learned about the history of New Braunfels, enjoyed a tour of Henne Hardware and the newly restored Comal County Courthouse, and a ended with a delicious lunch at Cafe Comal.