Happy 170th Birthday, New Braunfels!

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Luise Ervendburg painting

Did you know that Luise Ervendburg made a 65+ mile journey to join her husband Louis, (the protestant minister hired by Prince Carl in Galveston) and the other German settlers to cross the Guadalupe River and arrive here on March 21, 1845? Not only did she make that trip alone driving a wagon loaded with all their belongings; but she also managed to bring 2 milk cows, their one month old son and two year old daughter with her! She did all this in the middle of winter with only the wagon and a tarp to protect them from the sleet in January. Now that is a real woman!! God bless all those brave souls who founded our wonderful city! The painting of Luise and her babies is by Patricia Arnold, 1845, and is a part of the Sophienburg Museum Archives.